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We have been operating in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal for the past thirteen years as a family owned and run business. Our goal has always been to offer our clients new and innovative products to make their spaces more organized and convenient.

Our promise to our clients:

We cater to every kind of customer, from homeowners to big businesses to industry professionals. We strive to make your shopping experience as memorable and convenient as possible with a great store layout and friendly, helpful staff.

We are a family-owned and run business, which means our managers are approachable and understanding as they are familiar with all the different challenges you face..

Our stores are notoriously clean and organized, located in easily accessible areas with safe and secure parking available close to our storefront.

Our Loyalty Program:

To reward our customers for their continued support we offer a hassle-free Loyalty Program where every customer can earn 3% back on their total purchases including all sales and promotions.

Signing up for our loyalty program is quick and easy and there is no catch. Our rewards do not expire. On top of this, our checkout process is quick and easy, and we have a great return policy.

Our Range:

No matter what you need, we have it in store!

You will find modern kitchenware and canisters to keep your kitchen organized. For your bathroom, we offer shower caddies, pill containers and essentials like toothbrushes and soap trays. along with stylish laundry baskets.

For lovers of the outdoors, we offer a basic range of high-quality gardening equipment along with rakes, brooms, and bins to keep your yard clean. We have a range of toys and kid-sized furniture to entertain your little ones.

If you have pets, we have a great selection of pet beds and kennels. Our stationery can be used by anyone form learners straight through to professionals.

For your storage needs, whether it be your home, office, or warehouse, we have bins, storage boxes, crates and jugs, organizers, and toolboxes, and more, in every shape and size imaginable.

Any cleaning essentials like buckets, detergents, scrubbing brushes, or dustpans you require can be obtained at our stores.

We offer stylish and modern products will seamlessly fit into your home or business without breaking the bank.

Why you should visit us:

We are a local family-owned business, who has been trusted by our community for more than a decade.

We will give you a great shopping experience in our stores through excellent customer service and sales support, a huge range of the latest products and innovative storage and lifestyle solutions.


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